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ALL COPYRIGHTęsince 1991 reserved by the artist. No image may be reproduced or altered in any form without express permission of Kirby Sattler.

Unauthorized use of copyrighted material constitutes copyright infringement and is illegal under the
Intellectual Property Law,
1998 US Digital Millennium Copyright Act
and the European E-Commerce Directive (2000):

The use of any Kirby Sattler image is restricted to non-profit, non-commercial, or educational purposes, pursuant to express written authorization from the artist.
To request the image use, email stating your full name, contact number, the intent of the image use, website and/or organization.

Kirby Sattler art images are prohibited to be used as animation, electronic greeting cards, graphics sets, printed or electronic stationery, signatures, signature tags, tubes, tutorials, web sets, wallpaper, etc. and on any public image exchange web sites such as "Photobucket" "Flikr" "Cafe Press" "Deviant Art" "web shots" or postcard sites.

Hot linking is strictly prohibited.

All images approved for website use must include a link directed to and credited as "Painting by Kirby Sattler".
Each image must contain watermark such as " I Am Crow" below.

Thank you.
Kirby Sattler, Studio El Otro Lado

If you wish to post Kirby Sattler image I Am Crow on your website or/and any social network page such as Face Book, you, and your social network "friends" must credit the image to Kirby Sattler, and must copy and paste the below html code on your/their website. This code automatically creates I Am Crow image as a link to

<A href="" target="_blank" ><img alt="Kirby Sattler - Native American Art " border="0" height="507" width="400" src=""></A>

Kirby Sattler - Native American Art